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Forres Groups Action Ltd is a local group working within the Royal Burgh of Forres to promote community organizations, enabling them to work together and attract new motivated volunteers, for mutual support, and to help other local voluntary groups for the benefit of the wider community.

The volunteer sector depends totally on the willingness of individuals to give freely of their time and expertise. The main idea behind our existence is to try to help volunteers to take advantage of modern technology and keep abreast of the legal requirements when setting up a charitable company or a self-help group.

The process, which led to the creation of FGA Ltd, was born out of a need for voluntary groups to get help in jumping the many hurdles, which get in the way of their creation and their ability to fulfil their ultimate goals.

Founded in 2004 FGA Ltd was a development from the North West Moray Rural Partnership, which in turn was a development from the Forres Community Forum. Historically the original concept grew out of a concern for youth in the local area and consequently the main thrust of our effort is targeted towards those who live within the catchment area of Forres Academy.

If you wish to give a donation to Forres Groups Action , a voluntary group that is self supporting and supports other local voluntary groups in Forres click on the Paypal button.
It will take you to the PayPal website. You need a PayPal account to make a donation, please make gift / donation to office@forresweb.net.
Thank you for your support and donation.

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